Corporate Training

Corporate Training

When you need to find the best training consultant to develop talent with your organization or to deliver the most effective education programs to your organization, where do you look?

At JB International Trainings, it's our business to know what makes a great training for your company. Our lists of top trainings for your company are based on extensive research, interactions with companies around the world, and thorough analysis of the capabilities, experience, and expertise of hundreds of learning organizations. Our goal is to help you find the right training and to deliver on our mission to creating a more efficient marketplace for learning.

Some of our popular training topics include:

Human resources training Business etiquette training
Business analysis training Cross cultural training
Management training Leadership training
Presentation skills training Communication and speaking training
Time management and productivity training Customer service training
Negotiation training Sales training
Writing training Business organization training
Creativity and critical thinking training Finance planning and management training
Safety training Logistic training

To start with companies will receive an one hour fact-finding meeting, and two to four hours of consultation in face-to-face times, phone conversations, and/or email communications, whichever method(s) participants choose and is possible based on geographic location. After assessing your goals and objectives, we will make a customized business training program that will meet your company's needs with courses, seminars and workshops. Our consultants will be your point of resources and reference. As well, you will receive valuable business tips from us on an on-going basis. We offer some of the best practical business training programs available from our associates who have worked in a wide range of industries and know the challenges and roadblocks to helping a company move ahead.

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